Cheaper Fare Fee's Than Local Uber Drivers! Shorter wait times!

Stricter background checks,

Fingerprinting, etc! To insure you are in safe hands.





Taxi Cab Service in Port Angeles

Northwest Cabs taxi cab service strives to provide exceptional customer service and timely pick up. Our taxi cab rates are competitive and affordable. We lease our 3 vehicles to drivers who come highly recommended, have great references, experience  and the ability to operate our taxis in the safest manner possible. At Northwest Cabs we want you to feel safe and comfortable during your ride to your destination. 

We Accept the following forms of Payment:

Taxi Cab Rates

Initial fee (meter drop) $3.50
Per mile $2.50
Wait time $1.00

Minimum fare is $6.00 for short distances
(Our meters are calibrated in accordance with Washington State Weight and Measures guidelines to insure the customer is never over charged)

Flat Fee Trips

Ask about our Flat fee's to some of Port Angeles's Popular destinations!

Ferry Trips:

Port Angeles Ferry Terminal
Kingston Ferry Terminal
Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal
Port Townsend Ferry Terminal

Additional Services:

(These services are CASH ONLY!)

*  Short List Grocery Shopping​​/ Quick Errand running

* Delivery service -Restaurant Only (NO FAST FOOD)

* Prescription drop off and Pick up

* Lab drop offs

(We are unable to deliver tobacco, alcohol or marijuana)

Trail Head Services/ Large Groups

For Trail Head Service, Wedding Parties and Large groups please call:

​All Points ​Charters and Tours

with Willy Nelson


Long distance pick-up guidelines

For customers needing to be picked up outside of the City of Port Angeles, and needing to be brought to Port Angeles, WA,  there will be a minimum non-refundable deposit of half the total fare to secure your scheduled pick-up. We apologize for any inconvenience, however, we have had numerous last second cancellations after our self employed drivers have driven the full distance to pick-up customers. This is very costly and time consuming for the driver.