Top 16 Asked Questions

1.Q: What does it cost to take a Taxi?

A: Our fee is $3.50 for the first mile (meter drop), then $2.50 per mile there after and $1.00 per minute wait time. We have a minimum fare of $6 for short distances.

2. Q: How can I figure out what my ride will cost?

A: Put your pick up location and your drop off destination in google maps to get number of miles that will be traveled (please note there could be slight variations in route taken by cab driver) the fare is calculated like this: (miles traveled x $2.50)+$3.50= amount of fare

3. Q: ‚ÄčAre taxi drivers paid hourly?

A: No, taxi drivers are independent drivers. They earn money based on the number of fares they pick up each day. 

4. Q: Can the taxi drivers deliver Alcohol, Tobacco or Marijuana?

A: Taxi drivers CANNOT deliver alcohol, tobacco or marijuana.

5. Q: Can the taxi pick up my take-out order and deliver it to me?

A: Yes. Our drivers will pick up prepaid take out orders for you for a fee. Please call our dispatcher for more information.

6. Q: Can my pet/service animal ride in your taxi?

A: Yes. All pets either need to be in carriers or on leashes and the passenger must sit with the animal for the entirety of the ride. This is for the safety of your pet, as well as the safety of our drivers. 

7. Q: Can you take me to Sea-Tac Airport?

A: No. However, please ask our dispatcher about more cost effective ways to get you to your destination.

8. Q: How many passengers can fit in your taxi?

A: We can fit 4 passengers per taxi. We do not have a fee per passenger. 

9. Q: Do you offer a prepaid taxi account?

A: Yes we do. Prepaid customers receive fares at a discounted rate. Call 360-406-0210 and ask to speak with an owner. 

10. Q: Can I advertise on or in your taxi?

A: Soon. We are currently finishing up advertising packages and options for our local businesses. 

11. Q. Can I schedule my taxi ride in advance?

A: Yes. You can schedule your ride in advance one of two ways. #1 you can visit our website and schedule your ride on our Home Page at least 24 to 48 hours in advance, just fill out the needed information, and a dispatcher will call you to confirm your details once they receive the request. #2 Call our dispatcher directly and give them the needed information to schedule your ride. 

12. Q: What if you leave something in our taxi?

A: If it is a cell phone, debit card or ID, we hold it for up to 24 hours and then turn it into the Port Angeles Police Department for our customers privacy. All other items will be held for a minimal amount of time and then donated.  Northwest Cabs is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

13. Q: Do I need a car-seat for my child if we ride in your taxi?

A: Yes. Here at Northwest Cabs we want all our passengers big and small to be safe. 

14. Q: Do you offer any taxi ride specials or discounts?

A: Since our cab drivers are independent and rent the cabs from us, it is up to them individually to offer discounts and specials. 

15. Q: Can your drivers refuse service?

A: Yes. Our drivers have the right to refuse service to anyone.

16. Q: What if I refuse to pay for my cab ride? Or skip out on paying my fare?

A:  It is unlawful for any person to refuse to pay the regular fare for a taxicab or for-hire vehicle, after having hired the same. Driver will immediately call the police. You can be fined and/or jailed.